Why Fit4Business?

Fit4BusinessGrowth recognises the need not only to maintain the existing levels of Training and Education, but also to cultivate new skills and aptitudes required if Europe is to remain competitive in the market place and gain further opportunities.

The use and adaptation of High Performance Work Practices, Wellness Practices and Business Growth Coaching represents an opportunity to engage the target group (small and medium sized enterprises seeking high growth – SMEs) in a new and relevant, high quality, innovative work-based Vocational Education and Training (VET).

This project will stimulate a European debate about the Wellness Programmes and the use of High Performance Work Practices as a mechanism for improving SME performance. As a demonstrator project, Fit for Business Growth will be presented as a ‘blueprint’ extending the use of the Fit for Business Growth Model throughout Europe. The project will impact directly on the skills and performance of participants resulting in the transfer of learning into the workplace. It will also contribute to the professional development of VET trainers and institutes engaged in the development and delivery of the project and result in a product relevant to labour market needs.