The project aims to contribute to improving the performance of SMEs experiencing or aspiring to achieve high growth (e.g. average annualised growth in employees or in turnover greater than 20% a year, over a three-year period) within a national and European context. Partners will bring together three different bodies of knowledge (i.e. Wellness programmes, High Performance Work Practices and High Growth Business Coaching) to synthesise a Fit4BusinessGrowth Model and methodology.

By adopting best project management practices, the latest blended learning techniques and practices and this new model, partners aim to be an ‘exemplar’ project that will act as a ‘demonstrator’ project for future Erasmus+ projects.

The project will involve 100 participants from the target group: potential and/or actual high growth SMEs. They will implement the Fit4BusinessGrowth Model within in their business. They will be supported by 50 business growth coaches trained to deliver business growth coaching using the Fit4BusinessModel and Wellness and High Performance Work Practices.