The project will follow a four stage classic project cycle (i.e. Initiate, Plan, Execute and Close).

Months 1 – 3 (Initiate/Planning): This will mainly focus on setting up and launching the project including the first transnational partner meeting, issuing the Project Handbook and Partner Agreement

Months 4 – 9 (Planning/Execute): This will focus on the design and development of the Fit4BusinessGrowth Model, the design of the VET Trainer and target group end-user blended learning courses and raising awareness of the project.

Months 8 – 18 (Execute): This will mainly focus on executing project activities including delivering the blended learning courses to VET trainers and business coaches and target group SMEs and piloting, Fit4BusinessGrowth Model.

Months 19 – 24 (Close): This will mainly focus on project closure activities including final reporting, and guaranteeing post project developments and actions.


The F4BG Project Plan

  • PHASE 1: RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (Sept 2015 – Aug 2016):
    Best practice – Model development.

  • PHASE 2: SME AND COACH PILOTING: (Sept 2016 – Feb 2107):
    Train 50 F4BG Coaches – Test with clients (2 per coach)

  • PHASE 3: EVALUATION: (Mar – May 2017):
    Feedback from F4BG Coaches –Case studies – Improvements

    Dissemination events – F4BG European Network – Exploitation plan