Expected project results include development of Intellectual Outputs and organisation of Multiplier Events.

  1. There will be three Intellectual Outputs:

    • IO1: Fit4BusinessGrowth Model and Toolkit
    • IO2: Fit4BusinessGrowth VET Training – (VET Course)
    • IO3: A New Strategy: Fit4BusinessGrowth – (Policy Recommendations& Guidelines)


  2. Multiplier Events

    There are five multiplier events designed to ensure the effective final dissemination of the project’s Intellectual Outputs and exploitation strategy.Each partner will host a National Conference addressing regional and national actors and representatives from key regional and national stakeholders and target groups (e.g. VET Centres and SMEs). The multiplier event/conference will involve at least 60 participants.The conferences will showcase the project results and impact with a focus on the regional and national levels. It will also have a European dimension and include video presentations presented by the other project partners and European stakeholders. The aim is to present a concrete case for extending the use of the F4BG Model.

    The conference will explore a range of key themes including:

    (1) The use of Wellness in Business and High Performance Work Practices in small and medium sized enterprises;

    (2) Showcasing the F4BG Model and local and regional SME participant successes;

    (3) Exploring ways to build on the project results nationally and at a European level thereby contributing further to the improvement of European SMEs performance.

    Planning for the conference will commence late 2016.