F4BG Project in France

SMEs Coaching

The project Fit4BusinessGrowth has been a wonderful opportunity to focus on the topics of Wellness in Business (WB) related to High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) and High Growth Business Coaching

Within the University of Bordeaux (UB), the CRED IUT de Bordeaux has taken in responsibility this project for the implementation in France.

After the necessary international collaboration, ten local coaches have been selected and trained to the F4BG model and toolkit and prepared to deliver the F4BG accompaniment to SMEs. Once the four planned workshops ended, the participants decided to continue the meetings periodically in order to share experiences and to combine their skills when facing a special case. Seven of the trained coaches were then involved in the coaching of eighteen SMEs recruited for the program.

The activities of the recruited companies were varied: culture, engineering, web-services, and maintenance services, digital tools for health and big data, mechanics, chemistry, food industry, wine industry, product for developing countries… By the end of the program, the feedback is quite positive.

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F4BG – Newsletter 4

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