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“We are so happy to have this opportunity to participate in a project of this type. After only the first meetings our impressions are more than positive! We received a lot of information and we are excited to see what comes next. PS. We are ALL working hard on our “homework!”

The Uniline F4BG Team,

The Fit 4 Business Growth project is well underway and we are seeing high growth coaching sessions turn
into high growth actions. Businesses ranging in size from 10 to 165 employees (average number of
employees based on working hours) participating in this project, are benefitting from coaching and planning
that focuses on goals, objectives and the actions required to drive growth. The practice bundles (High
Employee Involvement, Human Resources, Wellness in Business, and Recognition and commitment) in this
model are impacting the collective skills and performance of our SMEs.

The idea of business coaching is not a new one. Many of the largest and most successful companies have
adopted a culture of growth and employee wellbeing and have seen great success. The rapid growth of
these companies makes it evident that the right business culture matters. What’s good for the employees is
ultimately good for the company. Today that vision is being recognized by small and medium sized
companies in the F4BG project. SMEs are becoming aware of the need to incorporate a vision and culture
that facilitates high growth. This model will soon become the standard for business coaching at every level.

The F4BG model is proving that it has the capacity to impact business of any size but we are recognizing
too that working with medium sized SMEs often comes with different issues that smaller companies don’t
run into. Coaching a small emerging company means embedding a growth culture from the very beginning.
In a sense, the culture grows with the company. Coaching a larger SME, however, may require a different
approach which, in many cases, requires that fundamental changes be applied.

Often, in the case of a medium sized company, its simply not practical to jump immediately into concrete
action but rather take the time to prepare a solid foundation. There may be “higher-ups” that need to give
approval. Presidents of boards can be suspicious of new ideas and weary of implementing change. To help
minimize doubt and get the support you need, activities that provide information or identify issues may be
the place to start. The activities for this type of company will be different in order overcome the special
needs of larger businesses, boost confidence, and build trust.

As different as the needs of individual companies may be, their similarities are also becoming apparent
through our F4BG model. Our diagnostic tool is finding that, regardless of size or industry, the same areas
of high growth practices are lacking and need to be applied. High growth coaching is starting to go
mainstream in Croatia, thanks in part to F4B4 and our efforts in disseminating the project results and raising

The flexibility and diversity of the F4BG coaches and the willingness of our SMEs to implement long term
strategies for high performance and wellbeing coupled with the F4BG high growth coaching model are
bringing about change for small and medium enterprises and paving the way for sustainable high growth.

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Business of All Sizes Benefit from High Growth Business Practices

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