Article 3: Fit4BusinessGrowth

The Fit4BusinessGrowth Project is for small businesses looking to grow in planned and sustainable way without creating huge levels of stress and burnout often associate with business growth. The project is built around the Fit for Business Growth Model which is one of the first tangible deliverables of the project. The Model brings together three different concepts:

  • Wellness in Business
  • High Performance Work Practices
  • High Growth Business Coaching

The F4BG Model has an application for many different types of organizations, but the project is focusing on “Small and medium sized enterprises with the potential or aspiration to achieve a 20% growth in turnover and/or the number of employees over the next 3 years”

Trough project implementation, the F4BG Project Team wants to:

  • Impact on the skills and performance of SME resulting in the transfer of learning into the workplace
  • Contribute to the development of trainers, coaches and institutes engaged in business support activities
  • Stimulate a Europe-wide debate about the use of the F4BG Model as a mechanism for improving SME performance.

To get the impact, the F4BG Team aims to deliver:

  • F4BG Model and Toolkit
  • F4BG training of 50 business coaches
  • Testing of the F4BG Model with 100 SMEs
  • Long-term plan for F4BG (European Network of Coaches)
  • Set of coach and SMEs case studies
  • 5 x National Conferences showcasing F4BG Coaches and SMEs
F4BG-Concept F4BG Coaches from Croatia


Fit for Business Growth VET Training

Fit for Business Growth VET Training covers the design and testing of the VET courses and of Fit for Business Growth Model. The activity involves end-users. It started in September 2016 with F4BG Coach on-line training, conducted by the project lead organization Exponential Training & Assessment from the UK, continuing with training sessions in Vienna on October 7 ,2016, in Varna on November 18-19, 2016 and other partners countries with the aim to help selected coaches from the UK, Austria, France, Bulgaria and Croatia to understand how to implement the F4BG Model with a Client.

article3_img3_large Training part of the Coaches, selected to test the F4BG Model with Bulgarian SMEs

The expected training outcomes refer to Coach:

  1. Understanding the Erasmus F4BG project and the F4BG Model
  2. Learning how to use the F4BG diagnostic tool
  3. Knowing each of the 16 Business Practices and supporting tools
  4. Understanding how to implement and use the F4BG Model with clients
  5. Agreeing a plan for implementation of F4BG with clients
  6. Knowing how to provide feedback to the F4BG team


SMEs and Fit4BusinessGrowth Project

We believe F4BG provides a unique approach which sits alongside conventional business growth coaching. The Model includes a diagnostic tool to pinpoint potential ‘hotspots’ in a business. It also provides a series of solutions and strategies to address each of the ‘hotspots’ or areas for development.

The Model is built around 4 complimentary bundles of practices related to High Performance Work Practice (HPWP) and Wellness in Business (WiB). The F4BG Model combines a set of practical tools and resources, focusing on 16 organisational practices: 8 core practices and 8 secondary practices. The F4BG Model as a Mindmap is presented on the following graphic:


SMEs benefits to take part in the project: free coaching/consultation; networking with other EU companies; logos and names of willing SMEs to be put on F4BG Website.

The companies looking for a place on Fit4BusinessGrowth need to confirm that they will commit to:

  • Completing a Fit4BusinessGrowth diagnostic survey (10 min. time commitment).
  • Action Planning meeting with the Fit4BusinessGrowthCoach (45 – 60 min. commitment).
  • Take part in 2 coach sessions with the Fit4BusinessgrowthCoach (1.5 – 2 hours).
  • Implement Action Plans to improve at least two areas of the business identified through the diagnostic survey.
  • Fill in the evaluation survey to feedback the results of your Fit4BusinessGrowth Action Plans (10 min time).
  • Take part in a short survey, conducted by Erasmus+ sometime after September 2017.

SME selection criteria:

  • Established business (i.e. not start-up)
  • Employs teams and has a workforce over 10 people (i.e. not micro enterprise)
  • Has a business plan and is experiencing high growth (i.e. achieving 20% growth per annum already)
  • Has a business plan and aspires to grow at 20% per annum
  • Is a ‘sleeping giant’ or ‘stagnant looking to re-vitalise the business
  • Committed to implementing F4BG strategies including potentially working with the F4BG Coach after the project (i.e. commercial basis)

If you would like to be among the first 100 businesses in Europe to take part in Fit4BusinessGrowth please contact us.

Download the full article from here.

F4BG Coach Training

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