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F4BG project provides the missing link between business growth plans and strategy and the pople who deliver the plans – the employees. Helping companies to prepare business plans is only one element of what long-term sustainable high growth businesses require. Often business coaching and planning focuses on goals, objectives and the actions required to drive growth (e.g. marketing strategeis, sales plans, etc.).

F4BG is a new convept. The F4BG Model follows on rom business and strategy planning sessions delivered by growth coaches and consultants. It is about enabling businesses to implement strategy into concrete, day-to-day behaviours and practices that promote high performance and productivity.

We believe F4BG provbides a unique approach which sits alongside conventional business growth coaching. The Model includes a diagnostic tool to pinpoint potential “hotspots” in a business. The Model also provides series of solutions and strategies addressing each of the “hotspots” or areas for development.

The Model is designed to help SMEs develop and embed behaviours and processes to develop and sustain a culture that supports and sustains business growth. The Model includes over 100 tools and resources and is packed with simple. practical tips and ideas includeing links to dozens of other resources.

The Companies Looking for a Place on Fit4BusinessGrowth
The company leadership needs to confirm that theu and their team will commit to the following:

  • 1 x completing a Fit4BusinessGrowth diagnostic survey (10 minutes time commitment).
  • 1 x Action Planning meeting with a Fit4Business-Growth Coach (45-60 minutes commitment).
  • Implement Action Plans to improve at least two areas of the business identified through the diagnostic survey.
  • 1 x evaluation survey to feedback the results of your Fit4BusinessGrowth Action Plans (10 minutes time commitment).
  • 1 x short survey conducted by Erasmus+ sometime after September 2017

SME Selection Criteria

  • Established business (i.e. not start-up)
  • Employes teams and has a workforce of over 10 people (i.e. not micro enterprise)
  • Has a business plan and aspires to grow at 20% per annum
  • Is a “sleeping giant” or is “stagnant” and is looking to re-vitalise the business
  • Committed to implementing the F4BG strategies, including potentially working with the F4BG Coach after the project (i.e. commercial basis)

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SMEs and the Fit4BusinessGrowth Project

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