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Fit for Business Growth Project
This is a project which uses and adapts High Performance Work Practices, Wellness Practices and Business GrowthCoaching as a mechanism for improving SMEs performance.

Target Groups and Engagement

  • SMEs – 20 x SMEs engaged per partner direct project engagement – 100
  • VET Centers (Trainers/coaches) – 10 VET trainers/coaches per partner, 50 trainers direct project engagement; 200-300 (2/3) employess per SMEs, total engagement 250-300;
  • Other stakeholders – 8-10 regional/national stakeholders per partner – totally 40 regional/national stakeholders direct involvement for the project./li>

Multiple Events
60 People nationally, 300 – for the project.

Project Intellectual outputs:
IO1 Fit for Business growth Model and Toolkit
IO2 Fit for Business growth VET Training – (VET Courses)
IO3 A new strategy: Fit for Business growth – (Policy Recommendations/Guidelines)

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Target Groups and Engagement

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